Hello Kitty Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Hello Kitty Chocolate Chip Cookies!


Happy National Chocolate Chip Day!

Hello Kitty foodie wishes all the cookie monsters and chocolate chip lovers a very happy chocolate chip day! Today is the day to indulge in that classic sweet treat! What’s not to like about a soft, chewy treat filled with little dots of chocolate goodness?

The above is a photo of some Hello Kitty chocolate chip cookies I made for a work potluck! It’s my way of spreading the chocolate chip love, hello kitty foodie style!

I hope your day was as sweet as mine :).

Hello Kitty mint chocolate chip cookies

Hello Kitty mint chocolate chip cookies


Ingredients: eggs, flour, butter, mint chocolate chips

Today’s culinary creation is mint chocolate chip cookies! I chose to do mint chocolate chips for several reasons: 1.) I loved how cute the mint chocolate chips were. They were chocolate chips with little green stripes. 2.) I wanted to something different aside from regular chocolate chip cookies. 3.) The mint would give a nice new flavor to a classic recipe.

After baking these cookies, I decided to add a special hello kitty foodie touch by adding the hello kitty face in the middle! The chewy middle with a hello kitty imprinted in and crispy edges made for some happy hello kitty cookies ;).