Hello Brunch @ Salt Creek Grille!

Hello Brunch @ Salt Creek Grille!

Salt Creek Grille  first opened up Plaza El Segundo in 2007.  With its mesquite grilled menu and hand crafted cocktails, it’s been a favorite for many South Bay locals for lunch, dinner and happy hour. Did you know however that they also offer brunch on Saturdays and Sundays? Every Saturday and Sunday they offer brunch from 10:30am-2:30pm.

I recently got to try the brunch on a beautiful Saturday and I had a very blissful brunch experience. The brunch menu consists of so many delicious entrees that include quiches and special egg and sandwich creations by the chef. Customers can also choose to get the Salt Creek Grille lunch items during brunch.

My brunch experience here started off with their beignets.


This brunch beignets offering consist of five powder sugar-coated crisp pastry cream-filled apple fritters. The beignets are on top of raspberry drizzle and there is bourbon caramel sauce on the side for dipping.


These beignets are simply amazing. They come out from the Salt Creek Grille kitchen perfectly fresh. I love how light and fluffy these delightful donuts are.

The next item I got to try is Salt Creek Grille’s newest brunch offering. This is no other than their honey fried chicken and waffles.


Salt Creek Grille does very well in their creation of this classic salty and sweet dish. Three pieces of juicy honey fried chicken are on top of a thick Belgian Waffle. The fried chicken consists of juicy pieces of chicken breast, thigh and leg. Off to the side is maple syrup for dipping as well as sweet butter for the waffle topping.

My favorite brunch offering during my brunch visit at Salt Creek Grille was the Monte Cristo.


The Monte Cristo simply blew me away at first bite. This breakfast sandwich consisted of brioche bread dipped in egg batter, tavern ham, roasted turkey breast, swiss and Dijonnaise. At the bottom of the sandwich was raspberry melba sauce and at the top of the sandwich was sprinkles of powdered sugar. There was fresh fruit on the side to compliment the sandwich.

I just found this sandwich to be indulgence at it’s finest. The brioche just had the perfect crispy texture. I love how the flavor of the Dijoinaise enhanced the tavern ham, roasted turkey breast and swiss. The raspberry melba sauce and powdered sugar gave a nice sweet touch.

This sandwich was excellent and I was even more impressed when I heard the story behind the Monte Cristo at Salt Creek Grille El Segundo. General Manager  Christina Grenart shared her story behind the Monte Cristo with me. When she was a little girl, she would visit her grandma. Together her and her grandma would share Monte Cristo sandwiches made out of French  toast. When she got older and got married, her husband worked at Disneyland and she would often eat Monte Cristo sandwiches at Disneyland’s French Quarter. The memories of eating Monte Cristo sandwiches with her grandma and enjoying Monte Cristo sandwiches at Disneyland inspired her to bring the Monte Cristo to Salt Creek Grille. She worked with the chef at Salt Creek Grille to make their own version. From the touch of the raspberry melba sauce to the tavern ham, Cristy and the Salt Creek Grille chef perfected this brunch sandwich.

The brunch offerings at Salt Creek Grille are amazing but as mentioned earlier in this post, customers can also partake in many of favorite lunch items during brunch. One favorite healthy options is their fish tacos.


 The fish tacos consist of mesquite grilled seafood, cabbage slaw and pico de gallo on top of the customer’s choice of corn or flour tortillas. It is accompanied with black beans and  citrus brown rice. The fish inside the tacos are the Chef’s selection.


This particular brunch day, the tacos had a mix of halibut, sea bass, salmon and mahi mahi. The tacos were packed with plenty of fish. It is definitely a seafood lovers ideal meal.

For beverages at brunch, folks can enjoy many of Salt Creek Grille’s handcrafted cocktails, craft beers or their Stumptown coffee! I tried their Stumptown chocolate cold brew.


Wow, this chocolate cold brew with milk is chocolate milk and coffee caffeine crazy deliciousness. I loved how the coffee had that nice hint of chocolate. It’s definitely one that will bring a bit of perk to your morning 😉.

The brunch at Salt Creek Grille is great start for any weekend! The entrees are very fulfilling and delicious. Each item is well prepared by the talented chefs of the restaurant and is sure to bring a happy smile to your face. Salt Creek Grille is not only great for lunch, dinner and happy hour but is also excellent for brunch!

For more smiles, please see my Yelp review about Salt Creek Grille’s brunch.

Hello Yummy Spot!

Hello Yummy Spot!

There’s a new yummy spot in town and they’re called The Yummy Spot! The Yummy Spot Restaurant and Cafe is located in Torrance, California and offers gourmet tacos, pastas, salads and snacks.

Walking in the restaurant is not hard to like because it is so cute and cozy. There are pretty lights hanging above, comfy cute pillows on their benches and neat pop art and signs all aroundl!



Up front the restaurant gives complimentary chips and salsa. The chips are hot and fresh and best eaten right away. The salsa is fairly mild but can be made spicier upon request. By default, they give the red salsa but they will give green salsa if requested.


There’s three types of pastas served here. There is a Yummy Pasta with sirloin steak, a Carnitas Bolognese Pasta with braised pork and a Shrimp and Three cheese pasta. The Yummy Pasta and Carnitas Bolognese are mixed in tomato sauce while the Shrimp and Three cheese pasta is with white sauce. All pasta entrees are served with garlic bread and salad.

The salad is simple and is topped with tomatoes and croutons. The dressing is very yummy and definitely gives a lot of definition and flavor to salad. It has a good sweet flavor.


Out of the pasta entrees, I got to try the Shrimp and Three Cheese Pasta. I am a fan of white sauce and their version of version of white sauce is so creamy. I loved the mix of Fontana cheddar, parmesan and Chili flakes mixed in to.  The side garlic bread was perfect when dipped in the sauce! The bread is buttery, full of garlic and perfectly crispy on the outside.


Aside from the pasta, I tried their gourmet tacos here as well! I tried the Carnitas Taco, the Vege Potato Taco and the Sesame Beef Taco.

The Carnitas Taco consisted of pork cilantro mayo, crema, lettuce, pickled onion, cilantro and cheddar. There’s a lot of cream in this little taco! The crema helped enhance the already flavorful braised pork! This was one good taco.

The Vege Potato Taco is a winning taco for vegetarians! It has spiced potato, red salsa, guacamole, creme, lettuce and tomato. i was a fan of the thick potato wedges!

The Sesame Beef Taco was my personal favorite! This had beef, sesame seeds, smoky napa cabbage, scallion and fried garlic! At first bite, the flavor of the sesame could be tasted instantly! There was a nice sweet aftertaste enhanced even more by the scallion and fried garlic. The beef is similar to Korean bbq.


My trip to Yummy Spot ended with one sweet treat via their beignets! Their beignets are so soft and fluffy! They serve these deep fried goodies fresh and hot with lots of powdered sugar. i got it with tropical sauce and strawberries! The tropical sauce is a good, sweet dip and the strawberries are fresh but even without these extras, the beignets alone are heavenly!


Hello Kitty Foodie found this place to be very yummy and was full of smiles after eating here!

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