Hello Mother’s Day Cakes @ 85C Bakery Cafe!

Hello Mother’s Day Cakes @ 85C Bakery Cafe!

Through the years, 85C Bakery Cafe has been a go to place for my mom and I whenever we want some fresh bread, tasty coffee and boba and sweet treats. This Mother’s Day 2020; things are a little different on how we will celebrate but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our favorite 85C Bakery Cafe treats.

This Mother’s Day 2020; 85C Bakery has debuted a new delectable dessert that is perfect for sharing with mama. This new cake is the Mama Nana!

The Mama Nana is a Banana Brûlée cake consisting of chocolate chiffon cake layered with fresh banana and vanilla creme brulee. It is covered with fresh cream, fresh strawberries and blueberries. As a lovely finishing touch it is decorated with a chocolate flower. Not only is this cake absolutely gorgeous; it is so delicious.  The cake is so soft and the brûlée is so creamy. I also love all the fruits in this cake. Fruity, sweet and oh so tasty!

Aside from the Banana Brûlée, 85C Bakery Cafe is also offering four other delightful cakes for their Mother’s Day line up. They’ve got Mango Creme Brûlée; Classic Tiramisu, Deluxe Strawberry and Red Velvet!

My mom is the sweetest person I know and she deserves the sweetest treats on her day; Mother’s Day!

You too; can enjoy sweet 85C Bakery Cafe treats! They have these cakes and more at your local store. Hurry on over and get something special for the special mom in your life.

*Items in this post were provided for a complimentary basis to facilitate this review. This blog post was accurate when published and reflects the uninfluenced opinion of the blog writer.

Hello 85c Bakery Cafe Grand Opening!

Hello 85c Bakery Cafe Grand Opening!

Fresh bread!!!

What goes perfect with fresh bread? Fresh brewed coffee! They say 85c is the perfect temperature to serve coffee. It’s also where the name of the 85c Bakery Cafe comes from. A popular bakery cafe known as the “Starbucks of Taiwan,” it has locations in various parts of the world like Taiwan, China and Australia. Although there are already several locations in California, I along with others were long awaiting the opening of the newest location in the South Bay. My happy anticipation of the grand opening was evident in my recent South Bay Foodies article.

Today the awaited day finally came and 85c Bakery Cafe had its grand opening! Happy customers like myself were greeted with colorful red and white balloons all around.


As we walked inside, we were each given a cute little red keychain.


The concept of the bakery is cute as well. You grab a pair of tongs and white tray and you go around choosing your favorite pastries from the plastic bins around the store. The 85c bakery cafe workers bring out baked goods from the kitchen and happily yell out “fresh bread!!!” as they come out with the pastries. It adds to the happy and cute atmosphere!

Their tag line, “fresh bread” fits well with the bakery because each and every pastry from here is fresh, soft and delightful.

The chocolate chip bowl is literally a bowl in size and a bowl full of sweet chocolate chips.


The premium milk bread is the epitome of delicate goodness .


The snowflake breads are filled with sweet custard. The name snowflake comes from the shape and the snow white powdered sugar on top.



The slices of raisin toast are so soft and nice.


The taro bread is one of their most popular breads and it’s no wonder why. It’s very soft, sweet and Purpleicious ;).


The boroh cream Danish is a crispy pineapple shaped bun with sweet butter coating and milk butter filling. It’s topped with slices almonds!


I was so happy filling my little tray with various sweet treats. It was a lot of fun and I made some friends while there as I chatted with the folks next to me and we compared the breads we put in our respective trays.


After choosing which breads would fill our individual trays. the happy food adventures continued on at the front counter where all the cakes are. It’s an amazing display. Each cake was beautifully decorated with various colorful toppings.




I chose to get a blueberry cheesecake for my grandma. It got packaged in a cute little basket like red box. Similar to the breads, the cheesecake is so nice. It has a creamy top with swirls of blueberry and a buttery crust underneath. I think the happy smile on my grandma’s face best describes how good it is. I like when my grandma smiles :).



I also had to get a pumpkin roll! My crush on all things pumpkin continued when I saw this beautiful roll topped with fresh whipped cream and a strawberry and filled with pumpkin cream!


Last but not least, I had to try one of their famous drinks. They have various teas, coffees and boba drinks such coffee jelly milk tea.


85c Bakery Cafe’s #1 drink is their sea salt drinks. They have sea salt green tea, black tea and coffee. I chose to get a sea salt jasmine tea. It has a white foam with sea salt and green tea specks on top and jasmine green tea on the bottom.



I was one happy hello kitty foodie with all my purchases at 85c Bakery Cafe today. Yummy breads, tarts, cheesecake, sea salt drink (and a smile from grandma) made my day!


As if all those purchases weren’t enough to make me smile, I got a free mug too! My new red mug will be filled with fresh coffee (that will be at 85c 😉



85C Bakery Cafe, I am a fan! I’m very happy I got to be a part of today’s grand opening.


For more smiles, please read my recent Yelp review on 85c Bakery Cafe.