Hello Air Canada Surprise!

During my flight back from Vancouver, I got quite a pleasant surprise. The stewardess came up to me and said my name (till now I don’t know how she knew I was Jenn). She said I had a voucher for a free meal/beverage of my choice.

I ended up getting a chicken poulet and pita chips with hummus.


The chicken poulet was a wrap with plenty of tender pieces of chicken inside. I found the name interesting because “poulet” actually means chicken in French!

I’m writing this post however not so much to write about the food but to say how grateful I am for life’s little surprises like this. To this day I don’t know how I got this free meal. Maybe there was just a kind hearted person who wanted to be nice to me that day and chose me to give a free meal or maybe I just got lucky and this was a fluke. Either way, I am thankful for life’s little surprises like this!

Smile, you are blessed too. 🙂


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