Hello, I’m on a boat!

“Just sit right back
And you’ll hear a tale
A tale of a fateful trip,
That started from this tropic port,
Aboard this tiny ship…”

I could hear the start of that Gilligan’s island theme song in my head as I entered the boat named Entertainer for a dinner cruise event in Marina Del Rey.


Just like the Gilligan’s island crew, my friends and I were there for a three hour tour. Unlike the Gilligan’s island crew we did not get stranded on an island (hehe, thank goodness) but instead we enjoyed a beautiful evening cruise up and down Marina Del Rey. All while we enjoyed the crisp air and pretty views, there was food and drink all around

The evening started with a small glass of sweet champagne upon boarding the vessel. From there folks were free to enjoy the three layers of the ship.

Two levels of the ship had a buffet tables set up as well as bar for folks to purchase beverages. (There’s even a Gilligan’s island drink on the menu). The buffet menu consisted of various warm breads, salad, veggies and two types of soft and fulfilling pasta. They had vegetarian tortellini and chicken penne.


After dinner, we were served soft chocolate chip cookies, brownies and s’mores brownies. It’s a chocolate fans dream with the three different versions of chocalate treats.


It was nice to enjoy food and drinks, all while chatting with friends and enjoying the view. The later, the evening got, the pretty lights surround Marina Del Rey shore could be seen all around. Overall, the cruise was enjoyable.


Good evening, good times and good company and we didn’t get stranded ;). (Though I did know where to find the lifesaver ring hehe 😉 )


This was actually my second time to try out Hornblower Cruises and Events.
For more smiles, please read about my first experience cruising the shores of Marina del Rey on Yelp.


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