Hello brains, fingers, skeletons….and hello kitty! It’s Halloween!

Hello Halloween! I see you!


Ooh ghosts, goblins, witches and more! I love seeing all the different costumes and the smiles that come with each outfit every Halloween! It’s a time of fun festivities and creativity. Aside from folks being creative with costumes, I am fan of all the unique food dishes that people make! Scary, cute, weird…you name it! There seems to be a cool Halloween treat for every cool costume. At a recent Halloween party I saw this first hand.

Every neat idea starts with thoughts from the brain.

These brains are salmon mousse with capers and dill!

Of course you need fingers to make all this cool food!

These fingers are made out of sugar cookies with almonds and cocoa powder!

Once the food is made, it is truly a feast for the eyes! It’s so cool, that they made these eyes pop out!

Ooh La la, mozzarella with Spanish olives!

Every”body” has fun at Halloween!


Sweet treats are never lacking!



Whether you are a pirate, a homeless guy, a fox or a…hello kitty, Halloween parties are always a blast! Thanks to my friends Steph and Farman for the Halloween tricks and treats!


PS: Need a cool t-shirt for Halloween? Check out this Hello Kitty Zombie t-shirt that one of my blog readers told me about 😊


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