Hello KSNY x Darcel by Kate Spade!

This is not my typical foodie post. Today Hello Kitty Foodie becomes Hello Kitty Fashionista!

I am absolutely in love with the new KSNY x Darcel by Kate Spade. It is perfect for foodies who are also fashionistas!

I have always been a fan of Kate Spade! My Kate Spade “Eat Cake for Breakfast” bag set is one of my favorites to use during my foodie adventures around town.

I am always on the lookout for new Kate Spade offerings! This year is one of Kate Spade’s best year yet because Kate Spade is celebrating their 20th birthday!


Their newest offering for 2013 is the KSNY x Darcel. It is a limited edition collaboration with the talented New York based artist Craig Redman, the man behind the darcel character. For KSNY x Darcel, Redman has created a cute girl character who is the ultimate foodie. To quote Redman, “she is a downtown gal who’s not afraid to scarf down a hot dog while swigging champagne she’s snatched from the opening. She’s cute, self aware and in control.” The new collection is filled with fun images of this cute character as well as pink donuts, hot dogs and granny apples! Check out the fun fashion items they have to offer here.

For any foodie, who is also a fashionista, this new Kate Spade offering is perfect! It’s cute and fun and one can totally create a cute outfit for those foodie adventures around town. I can also see myself in the girl character that Redman created. They even created a app where you can put KSNY x Darcel images on your photos! It is perfect for those Instagram food photos ;). Thank you Kate Spade for this fun new offering! #wheresthatgirl? That girl is off to her next foodie adventure all decked in KSNY x Darcel ;).


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