Hello Pei Wei Buy one, get one entree! :)

Which Pei Wei lettuce wrap do you crave the most? Is it the traditional chicken lettuce wrap, the Thai chicken lettuce wrap or the Korean steak lettuce wrap? If you answer that question and vote on facebook , you can get a buy one, get one free entree offer. You may also win some other cool gift cards. I chose my favorite Pei Wei lettuce wrap (it’s their traditional chicken wrap by the way 😉 and got myself the sweet buy one, get free entree offer from Pei Wei.

The concept of Pei Wei is neat. You order at the counter up front and then they bring the food to you.


My mom and I ordered the chicken lettuce wraps. They give six pieces of lettuce and healthy serving of chicken filling. The tasty chicken is mixed with soft black mushrooms. This was served with a sauce at the side but it is not needed because the chicken filling in itself is already very flavorful dish. This chicken lettuce wrap was our favorite out of everything we had at Pei Wei.


For the buy one, get one entree, my mom and I both chose to get combos with brown rice and wonton soup. The wonton soup was another favorite of the day. The broth was tasty and there were three pieces of soft wontons. There was also plenty of greens.


For my entree, I got the honey seared crispy chicken. This indeed had a sweet honey flavor. The honey flavor went well with the brown rice. I liked how crispy the chicken was as well. Nicely cooked and pleasant flavor, this was a great dish.


My mom got the Mongolian chicken. It had tender pieces of chicken and onion leaves. Although it was good, the sauce was a bit on the salty side. I preferred my hone seared crispy chicken because that dish seemed to be less in sodium. The Mongolian chicken would be better with less salt.


We ended our meals with some fortune cookies! The fortune cookies are all you can eat here! They have a basket full of these by the soda machine that guests are free to get cookies from. It’s a sweet way to end a great meal.


The buy one, get one entree offer from Facebook was a great way to be re-introduced to Pei Wei and some of their offerings! The contest of voting for your favorite lettuce wrap is till July 5. Hurry over to Facebook and vote now and get the cool buy one, get entree offer :).

For more smiles, please see my recent yelp review on Pei Wei.


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