Hello homemade baked pumpkin pie donuts with cream cheese drizzle!

Ingredients: flour, pumpkin spices, egg, milk, cream cheese, apple butter

Today’s culinary creation is baked pumpkin pie donuts! I’ve always been a big pumpkin fan! I love the sweet aroma and yummy taste!


For the donuts, I first beat the apple butter until it was fluffy. I then added one egg. I followed this with the flour, pumpkin spices and milk.

I also made a cream cheese drizzle using cream cheese, milk and sugar to put on top of the donuts.

The result is this:


Although it is not fall season yet, these pumpkin pie donuts made me feel like it was autumn and close to Thanksgiving and Christmas :), seasons of thankfulness and love! I am thankful for how these pumpkin pie donuts turned out and love how they taste :).


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